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Weather in St Petersburg Russia

Current St Petersburg weather informer
(The temperature is displayed in fahrenheits)

The St Petersburg climate is approximately the same as in the neighbouring cities on the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Tallinn, Helsinki), in the coastal cities of Scandinavian countries. But lack of Gulf Stream warm influence makes it little more colder. Winter comes in two weeks earlier and leave later. In winter time the tempereture is about 5 degrees less than in Helsinki, Finland. Last years shows that the weather in St. Petersburg are under process of changing. Now you can have snow in November, but in December it can be about no snow and no freeze. Traditionally it is very cold in January and February. Sometimes the temperature drops to minus 10 degrees in fahrenheits. March weather in St Petersburg is still winter. Springs starts in April. May weather in St Petersburg Russia considered to be the real summer time. But June can be rainy.


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