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Russian Vepsia wild life ecotourism - Vepsian Forest area in Russia

Rent the old time log house of Russian vepsian peasant
from $20 a night

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To find a real preserved wild life you do not need to go far to Siberia or to Baikal. The wild life is quite close! Russian Vepsia is a unique area of carefully preserved countryside nature located far from any industrial impact. The Vepsian Forest is a nature wild life park that was founded in 1999. It is located in 250 km (200 miles) from Saint Petersburg. That unique preserved ecological area with old pine and birch forests, real taiga areas. You can meet a wild bear, see wolfs, foxes and badgers. Forests are full of berries and mushrooms. There are hunderds of small lakes, rivers and brooks full of fish. There are many crystal clear water springs. There are 6 ancient historical Russian Orthodox Church monasteries and a lot of ancient chapels in around. Some of them got saint springs where you can take a healing bath. Here you can find information on Vepsian culture.

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An old chapel at the Vepsian Forest
St Nicholas monastery in Old Ladoga
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The ecotourists from Austria
A Volchov river

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Eco tourists can rent a traditional Russian / Vepsian log vacation house to live in heart of Vepsian forest nature park in Haragenichi village. That house carefully preserved by owner - an old lady, who was born there. Now she has a new house next door and rent that old one. That log house can accomodate up to 4-5 person. It has 2 single beds, 1 convertable sofa and a folded bed.

vacation house in russian village sleeping room in vacational village house
A vacation log house in Haragenichi village
Sleeping places for ecotourists


vacation house - ecotourism russiaThe vacation house is located close to the Salka river, on the other side of the hill from the Haragenichi lake. You can rent a boat on the lake for fishing or for the tour to the old chapel on the other side of the lake. The house has an old style hall with sitting area, old style washstand and a WC (old style luftcloset type). Living in that house you have to accept a traditional lifestyle of Vepsian peasants. The kitchen is equipped with electric stove and a ceramic bricks woodburning stove (the wood is supplied by the owner), fridge and electric cattle. You will have to bring water yourself from the natusral spring water supply in 100 meters from the house.

You should bring the food you need with you. Also you can buy fresh goat milk, fresh goat cottage cheese, Vepsian berries, vepsian cakes and cookies, Vepsian herbal tea, fresh eggs and pickles. There are no cellular coverage in that village, but you can use the regular phone line at the payphone.

woodburning stove in vacation village house vacation countryside village house eco tour russia
a woodburning stove
old style washstand
ecotourism russia vacation countryside village house eco tour russia
the kitchen
multimedia center
ecotourism russia vacation countryside village house eco tour russia
The interior computer simulation
Traditional Vepsian stuff
vacation countryside village house ecotourism russia vacation countryside village house eco tour russia
The traditional Vepsian sauna
The fresh milk producer


Eco tour vacation house rent rate / per night:

1 guest - $20 a night
2 guests - $30 a night
3-5 guests $50 a night

Long stay - more than 5 nights - we offer special low rates. The vacation house is rented under condition "as is". We do not guarantee that the traditional countryside Vepsian lifestyle will meet you regular comfort level. 1 night downpayment is required to place a booking. The balance can be paid in cash at the check in. We can rent you a car with a driver to explore the historical neighbourhoods.

Google map's location:

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Two ways transfer by car to Haragenichi village is $ 150 value.

How to drive to the Rental house in Haragenichi village from St Petersburg:

From St Petersburg take the Murmansk hgw (route М18) - drive till the right turn to Tichvin (route А-114) - drive around Tichvin by the belt road - direction to Vologda (route А-114) - turn left to Berezovik take route Р-36 to Gankovo - at Gankovo village turn right to Shugozero Н-142 (here is the last point for foodmart, post office, police station and hospital) - drive H-142 to Timoshino - than you will have the pavement free road (but very smooth) till the Haragenich village - in Haragenichi - turn right before the bridge and stop at the crossroads - owner's house is right in front of you.

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